“The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies” – My Thoughts

The New Line Cinemas logo flashed across the screen. Haunting music played in the background. The end had finally come. The end of the long and exciting and emotional journey through Middle Earth. Hence the hashtag #ONELASTTIME. One last time in Middle Earth. I was the lone person in the group who had not yet seen the movie, but that did little to diminish my excitement, or my sadness. Having read the book, I knew what was coming. So… was it worth the wait? The time, the money? Well, in short, YES! DEFINITELY!!!!! I will tell what I liked and did not like, but one list is considerably shorter than the other. (Be warned: SPOILERS AHEAD. I’ve given some space for you to turn back.)




What I DID NOT like:

  • The way Fili died. I felt like his death was almost glossed over. Like, “He’s dead, lets move on to Kili and Thorin epic pre-death battle scenes.” I wish we had gotten a bit more of him.
  • How little we got of Beorn and Radagast. Beorn had about 5 seconds of screen time, and Radagast about 15 seconds. I was really hoping that we would see more of them in action, especially because Beorn’s short scene looked like The Hulk.
  • Something about Dain didn’t sit right with me. He looked very… Animated. While the Orcs looked incredible despite the heavy CGI, Dain looked jerky and weird. It’s like they animated over everything the actor did. I loved the character, just not how he looked.
  • The battle was a bit long, though it was worth it in the end. And it was violent, though I heard it was worse before PJ trimmed it down so he could get the film a PG-13. And there was some cussing. One use of “B—-d” and some British slang. But nothing over the top.

What I DID like:

  • The relationships of Thranduil, Legolas, and Tauriel. I loved the tension between these characters. And I was so excited at the progression from bratty elf prince to the Legolas we know and love from LotR. And the way Legolas defended Tauriel was so sweet!!!! 🙂 Thranduil was brilliant. His battle scenes were glorious, and his speaking moments gave me chills. And by the end of the film, I couldn’t hate him as much.
  • The dynamic of Tauriel and Kili. I know everyone hates it, but I LOVED it. I thought that it was done perfectly. Not overly heavy, and not too light. And the scene where she wept over him made me cry as well.
  • Richard Armitage as Thorin. I mean, I knew he was amazing, but he showed a whole new side to his talent as an actor. He was masterful as both sides of Thorin. The crazy Dwarf king, and the brave, true Thorin Oakenshield.
  • All of the dwarves. I mean, Dwalin cried! And Ori used a sword! And Kili stood up to Thorin! So much happened in this film, and I thought it was amazing! The scene where the surviving dwarves say goodbye to Bilbo was so heartwrenching.
  • BILBO!!!! Martin Freeman has officially won me over. I laughed at every nose-twitchy thing, and cried with him as he wept over Thorin. Bilbo’s journey was incredible, and I could never imagine anyone else in the role.
  • Bard was perfectly done. A reluctant leader, brave warrior, loving father who would sacrifice anything for his children. I sympathized with his plight. And the interactions with his children fit right in to a movie where young people rarely have speaking parts.
  • Alfrid. Now, I didn’t like this because I loved the character. I liked it because I despised him so much. I never thought I would see a character who would be more of a snake than Grima Wormtongue, but I was wrong. Alfrid makes Grima seem lovable. And it was hilarious. And maddening. I wanted to kill him and the Master myself.
  • Smaug’s attack on Laketown. It was amazing, and they packed so much into such a short sequence! I loved his dialogue with Bard just before he died. Benedryl Cabbagepatch, *cough* ‘scuse me… Benedict Cumberbatch was great as this dragon… Though I still do not like him.
  • Galadriel. That is all. Now we know why it Middle Earth would be in BIG trouble if she had accepted Frodo’s offer in Fellowship of the Ring. And might I add the Elrond and Sauruman were pretty epic? Though when Saruman said to leave Sauron to him, I went: “NO! DON’T”
  • Pretty much everything about the movie. With a few exceptions, I could find practically no fault with this film!
  • One last mention… The ending. I was already emotional. But the ending, so beautifully linking the film to Lord of the Rings, made me start sobbing. I am definitely going to need some Skype therapy sessions with my dear friend who happens to be in New Zealand as I write this.

“The Last Goodbye” began to play, as credits very similar to the ones on Return of the King began to play. I was sobbing. Why? I still don’t know. Some incredible characters died, so I was crying from sadness of course. But I think what made me cry more was the impact of the film. “Battle of the Five Armies” is likely the last Middle Earth film we will ever see (unless some buffoon decides to remake any of them), or unless Christopher Tolkien changes his firm stance against Peter Jackson. This is the end of a journey that has led us to a land where good is always triumphant over the darkness. A place where ordinary people aren’t afraid to stand up and do the right thing. A place where love and joy and happiness live in even the darkest times.

So Peter Jackson, I salute you. Thank you for taking us there and back again. And as the song says: “I bid you all a very fond farewell…”

(Here is “The Last Goodbye” for your listening pleasure”.)


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  1. Sarah
    Apr 06, 2015 @ 13:58:25

    You like Tauriel and Kili together? We must be friends! Hi, btw, I’m Sarah at sarahssword.blogspot.com
    I’m 15…I’ll be 16 in June
    I love all things Tolkien and Marvel(mainly Thor and Hawkeye though;)
    I want to go to New Zealand, Ireland, or London, England some dayXD
    I’d love to meet Richard ArmitageXD
    These are just some things for you to get to know me a little better:)
    Have a look around my blog if you will and I would love if you would comment:)
    Now, the reason I freaked out over Tauriel and Kili is because I don’t know many people who like them together. I agree; not too heavy…not too light:) Personally, I think by Fili not getting much screen time, actually seems like he got a lot screen time cause everyone was thinking if/when we would see him again:) But that’s why I love Fili; because he’s the quiet one, the caring older brother, and the obedient nephew:) I think people like him because he’s not one of the more popular dwarves…although fangirls have made him one of the more popular dwarves=D Love your blog btw:) Now, I know a lot of people don’t like Tauriel but personally I just think it’s funny how in the dungeons Kili is ‘trying’ to flirt with Tauriel and I’m sure Fili was in the next cell just face palming himself=D lols:) Hey, if I was an elf maid and my friend just captured a whole bunch of attractive dwarves(a.k.a.the Durins)I’d probably want one to love me as well:) I also laugh whenever Legolas ruins the moments between Kili and Tauriel…he’s so stinking’ funny:) A friend told me, “Fili’s like that silent guardian over his brother, that gentle soul, with the courage of a lion.”. I agree with her:)



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