“Once Upon a Time” Episode Review – “Darkness on the Edge of Town”

After a couple of months of hiatus, OUAT finally returned on Sunday, starting off the second half of the season with a nice, easy opener. Despite complaints from fans that “everyone was out of character” or that “the villains are lame”, this did nothing to diminish my enjoyment of the episode.

There were three main plotlines going on. The first was about how Rumplestiltskin first met the Queens of Darkness, aka. Maleficient, Ursula, and Cruella De Vil. This plotline revealed some crucial backstory on why the Queens are not much inclined to like Rumple, but also reveals just a bit of their varied powers. The second plotline involved Rumple’s ongoing mission to return to Storybrooke and get his happy ending. I thoroughly enjoyed this plotline, because it was clear that for once, Rumple wasn’t the big man on campus. At first, Ursula seemed to be the boss, but once Cruella popped up, it was clear that she was the boss of this group. And can I just say that Cruella was PERFECT. She is my favorite so far! The third plotline (which was kind of several little plots in one), revolved around the citizens of Storybrooke and their various doings. Hook and Belle’s search for the fairies, Regina’s search for the author, etc.

The episode did a fine job of meshing the plotlines, and bringing it all together by the end. I particularly loved the first look at Storybrooke, watching the characters going about their daily lives. (Hook buying Emma coffee? SO CUTE!) And by the end of the episode, we had several new questions. What is the big secret that Snow and Charming are keeping? How will Rumple bring Maleficient back? And the most burning: Why did the beast go after Emma? Is it possible that Emma has more potential for Darkness in her heart than even Regina?

One thing I would like to bring up after seeing some complaints from fans, is the scene between Belle and Hook in the library. A lot of people were whining, saying that he had tried to murder her twice (which is true) and yet she trusted his, while she banished Rumple for lying to her once. While I understand where people are coming from, I think you have to understand something. Hook has TRULY changed. Anyone with eyes can see that. And Belle knows that. But with Rumple, you can never be sure. He might put on a nice appearance and say that he’s changed, but the evidence kind of spoke for itself in this case. And to the people calling Belle selfish? You have to understand two things: One, Belle send Rumple away, not only because he hurt her, but because she knew that as long as he was in town, Storybrooke wasn’t truly safe. The other thing is this: Belle still cares about him. The tears in her eyes when she told Hook: “I just hope he’s found whatever it is he was looking for”, tells us that she still misses him, and that she wants him to be happy.

Content wise, this episode was pretty good. a bit of cussing as per usual, and some deep cleavage from the Queens of Darkness. But nothing too crazy.

So overall, I enjoyed the opening to Season 4b. I think having something slow and steady is better than jolting the viewers with action everywhere. And if you haven’t caught up on the first half of the season, now is the time to do it! 😀




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